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A Saltshaker is a Big Mood

A lot of groups stalk this account to take everything I say out of context because they hate me for being pro ship. Pro shipping is the belief in the ultimate freedom of artistic expression (especially for queer folks and trauma survivors such as myself), specifically in fandom. As such, this carrd exists as a broad warning and disclaimer.Follow ≠ endorse, I follow like 3k people, I'm not keeping track, I just hit follow on anyone posting anything interesting.Links to my receipt albums, to prove their argument isn't in good faith:
Album 1
Album 2
Recommended further reading: Fancop-Receipts
BYF:Here because of accusations of who I support? Here is a "debunk", so to speak.
Here because of accusations of bigotry? That was started by a group of people who cyberstalk me because I told them to stop. Summary, another. Aforementioned T4T incident
Possibly triggering discussions/art will show up on my blogs. I try to tag my posts with content warnings.Occasionally NSFW. I tag all NSFW posts I make, too, but I only make NSFW text posts, I can't draw. I do like other people's NSFW art, but I rarely repost it. MDNI all NSFW-tagged posts, please.Discord invites are temporarily suspended for everyone except longtime moots. Sorry, guys!I get overwhelmed by DMs/asks often, I'm sorry if I don't reply for long stretches of time! On Twitter I tend to only accept DMs from people I follow for safety purposes. Sorry!Please be cautioned that I also discuss my forensic psychology major often. These include ethical, philosophical, scientific, and psychological perspectives on forensics and criminology as a whole. This subject matter is often disturbing, so please be advised. Additionally, this heavy content warning applies to fandom content on my blogs, as I explore my trauma through art. Expect art depicting triggering topics to be created, discussed, and reposted here.On my discourse accounts, I will discuss both opinions I disagree with, agree with, and some in between. Sometimes these opinions will come from the same person. If I interact with, follow, or debate someone, this is not an endorsement of their actions.With that said, here's my about page!:Hi! You can call me Mouse, or Thomas/Tom, if you'd rather. (My femme name is for close friends and family). 25yo Brit (Irish/Welsh primarily) first gen American immigrant, of Jewish descent (Sephardic, non-practicing), 100% exhausted. My "antis-delete-your-blogs-pls" accounts are primarily for fandom discourse and secondarily political discourse, and are dedicated to discussing my beliefs in freedom of artistic expression and anti-authoritarianism. I run them to share studies and research that can combat reactionary movements and bigoted beliefs. My Twitter is also occasionally used as a personal blog, as well.What are these damn beliefs?I am pro ship, aka pro freedom of expression in art (specifically fandom), because I am against all forms of authoritarianism, rather than the other way around. As such, I am also against queer exclusionists (such as radfems), reactionaries, anti-kink and anti-sex puritans, religious fundamentalists, bigots, rightwing extremists, and anyone else seeking to oppress individual freedoms and human rights. I myself am a pacifist who supports peaceful forms of revolution and liberation, but I believe strongly in the right to self-defence if it becomes necessary.I am a tired forensic psych major who specialises in studying criminal rehabilitation. I'm stuck in part-time academia hell until I can safely attend (thanks, COVID) certain prereq classes and graduate, but my ultimate goal is an eventual doctorate. Because I am anti-authoritarian and a pacifist, I believe in rehabilative justice rather than punitive justice, and want heavy reforms for the justice system in the US. Criminals have human rights and should be treated as such. The goal of prison is to protect society from danger, not torture the incarcerated. Prisoners should be in rehabilitation treatment programs until they no longer pose any danger. Only those who continuously cannot achieve this deserve life sentences.Because of my experiences with being neurodivergent and having to deal with ableism, I'm also firmly against cringe culture. I support any and all things people label as "cringy", including (but not limited to): otherkin, fictives, self-insert ships, comfort characters, furries, whatever else the internet thinks it's fun to hate on next.Essentially, I am libleft politically, aka solidly on the green square of the political compass.I started discoursing on Tumblr in 2016-ish, and made the now-purged original blog antis-delete-your-blogs-pls in 2017. I've since moved around a few blogs, but you can find me @adybpt (adybpty backup) on Twitter and antis-delete-your-blogs-pls-thx (replace the thx with ty for backup) on Tumblr.I have been in fandom hell since 2011, and you can find me across many different series and mediums. My favourites usually have to do with sci-fi, horror, and mystery. Yes, I write a whole lot of fanfic! If you'd like to read my fics, feel free to check them out! Please heed the AO3 warnings.I take questions/comments at my Tumblr, or on my curiouscat.As for my idenity, I am bigender transmasc (any pronouns), poly, panromantic on the grey asexual/caedsexual spectrum, and identify as queer. (If you're here to call me a snowflake, go ahead, these specific labels are shorthand for YOUR benefit lmao).I am also neurodivergent. GAD, OCD, ADHD, ASD, and depression are professional diagnoses. (I also have CPTSD, but since it's not diagnosable in the US, I cannot get a professional DX). I am an emotional abuse, psychological abuse, and sexual coercion survivor.I am disclosing the above in detail, despite not owing anyone an explanation, because I am comfortable being open about my experiences as a marginalised person, my abuse, and my struggles in order to spread awareness. But if you try to get other discoursers to reveal their personal identities/trauma/mental health issues to you in order to "validate" whether they're "allowed" to make certain art, fuck you. We don't owe you shit.I don't really have any DNIs (please reserve your own judgement on whether you'd like to interact with my content), so this is basically my RBF. I've been doing this so long, nothing shocks me anymore. My triggers are related to emotional abuse/abusive relationships, threats of physical violence or sexual abuse (mainly directed towards others), and wanting sexual submission from AFAB people. I also have emetophobia, but sending me gore, vomit, or whatever will not trigger me (or make me, the forensics major, blink twice), so don't bother. You guys have tried it so many times, and yet I keep having to say, attempts to trigger me are only effective if you're someone whose opinion I value. Random anon hate is useless. I literally could not care less what people who send hate messages think.